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About Cotons

Coton De Tulear dogs are named from the city of Madagascar.  Cotons shed very little and have little to no dander with a very cotton like coat. Their cottony coat definitely makes the dog stand out. They have no doggy odor and are hypo-allergenic.  They possess a strong dilution gene which means the coat color they have as puppies fades to white or champagne as they become adults.  Puppies can be white with gray, black, or tricolored markings. The Coton is smart, hardy, gentle and takes well to training. They love companionship and are known as antidepressant dogs.  Their hair will need brushing twice a week or more often if you enjoy brushing your Coton. They have hair not fur. The hair next to the skin will come loose and form mats if you don’t get it brushed.  Cotons love being with people. They are a very sweet natured, happy go lucky and naturally light hearted dog.  The Cotons are fairly free of genetic health issues.  Not to say it doesn’t exist but is a low percentage.  Life expectancy of a Coton is 14 to 16 years old and usually weigh 9 to 15 pounds.

About Cotons: Welcome
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