Oscar is our one and only stud. Oscar is very majestic. He is mild mannered, gentle, intelligent and a sweet boy. His face looks like a stuffed animal.  Oscar’s dam (mother) was imported from Woodland Cottage, Spain.  His sire (father) was imported from Poland.  Oscar was 8 weeks old when he joined our family.  He is precious and we love him dearly.
Ivy was 8 weeks old when we received her.  She is very sweet with a laid back loving nature.  Ivy’s Grandmother was imported from Woodland Cottage, Spain.  She can be a little tomboy.  She sometimes likes to dig holes in the yard and get dirt all over her.  
We received Isabel when she was 8 weeks old.  She’s so funny and always looks like she has a smile on her beautiful face.  She would lay in your lap all day long and loves to watch TV.  Isabel’s sire was imported from Woodland Cottage Spain.








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